Data Editor


Share database tables with end users without giving direct access to the entire database

Quilliup has created user-friendly web forms which enable customers to complete or enrich their data. To mitigate risks of granting such privileges, Quilliup Data Admin is designed to set access and manage data based on predefined roles and permissions

End users or customers have the freedom to manage and update their reference data, while businesses can set the boundaries for these to only access the data tables which are relevant to them. In addition, the system is designed for full visibility and transparency, enabling businesses to review, track, or audit any changes made by end users.

Managing admin rights and access to different pockets on information, Quilliup Data Admin helps businesses gather better and more accurate data, enforcing the necessary permissions and the ability to audit customer action for added security.

Main Features

User-Friendly Web Forms

Provide users with access to certain data tables so they can update and manage their insights online. Easily create forms which can be easily accessed and filled online.

Permission Management

Set different levels of permissions to different users to ensure people, teams, or customers can only access the data fields which are relevant to them.

Audit Changes

With the ability to track and manage any changes made by users on their data tables, you’ll be able to mitigate any security risks and investigate any issues right away

Key Benefits

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    Improved data quality
    Get richer data with input from your customers. Enabling your customers access relevant data fields, empowers them to update and manage their own data while enriching your overall database.
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    Simplicity to update and manage
    By using web-based forms online, users can easily update their own data. This simplifies the process to manage or manually fix and update your database internally.
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    Full visibility and compliance
    Mitigate the risks of abusing access to data by setting the right permissions for each user. In addition, you’ll be able to track and review any changes made by them for added security.
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