How to make our monitor work for us

During an ETL process with executions, which normally runs consistently as part of a daily process, tracking and monitoring can become a bottleneck that hinders the purpose of analyzing the data efficiently.  A monitor is a visualization tool that presents data to showcase performance statistics, benchmarks, and comparisons. For example, when an existing nightly execution which is meant to run Learn more



People are looking for shortcuts. Even if you are not a millennial (‘Y generation’) follows by rules like “faster is better”, as long as the quality is maintained - you will always end up choosing the shorter way to paradise. If you need to do things regularly then you will search for an automatic solution. If you need to do Learn more


Customized Email Alerts With quilliup

One of the main advantages of quilliup, is the ability to receive alerts whenever the platform recognizes a data issue or discrepancy that should be flagged up with the team. You can choose which recipient/s should be notified via email in real time whenever there’s a data issue. It is important that these alerts are set up to reach the Learn more


How to Take Proactive Action for Better Data Quality

Many of our customers reach out to us in the aftermath of a major issue with their data. It could be a disastrous board meeting in which the wrong insights were presented or a never-ending migration process that becomes a costly exercise when companies keep two data warehouses running because they’re not fully confident in the new one. While these Learn more


5 Common Mistakes That Lead to Poor Data Quality

Bad data is worse than having no access to data at all. It can mislead teams into making poor decisions, confuse people in an organization, or worse, erode business trust. What makes this issue even more serious, is that issues with data that lead to inaccurate insights and reporting are often found too late in the process - sometimes even Learn more

who's responsible

Who’s Responsible for Data Quality in an Organization?

Organizations are increasingly data-driven organizations no longer exclusively managed, shared, or processed within a central team. Whether you work in marketing, finance, product development, support, sales or even HR - data and business insights are no longer an afterthought but a priority to drive the decision-making process across more roles within organizations. Whether this is to measure individual KPIs, a Learn more



As Qlik Sense becomes more popular, going from *.qvw to *.qvf files will likely become a more frequent task. There is a feature built into Qlik Sense Desktop that allows you to easily convert the script, variables, and data model of a qvw file into a qvf file. However, all of your UI elements will have to be created again Learn more